Jacob Roy

We escape!

While snow is cute, sometimes we need wamrth! When we get tired, we espace to the south! Be warned, it's not only resting time, we also need to take pictures!


Of course, we came across the only week that it was raining ... Despite the wind, our jackets and our hats, we were happy.

On our little beach, lulled by the wind from the sea, we cherish of the moment.

We took advantage of the full moon to realize extraordinary landscapes, while taking the time to drink our drink.

Yep, that was epic!

During the few afternoons of good weather that we were not at the beach, it was photo shoot!

After waiting one month to get my drone pilot license for the Dominican Republic, I only flew once, for 15 minutes, due to the bad conditions ...

For the last day of our journey, we boarded the cable car. Once at the summit, it was surprising to see the number of mountains around!

The rise and fall give a vertigo!

From the air, looking away, one remembers these beautiful moments.

Wildcat Bonus!