Jacob Roy

X-Transformer Beta 4

If you haven't already, I recommand that you go read my older post on Iridient X-Transformer, as I will only explain the new features that came with the latest version (Beta 4).

One of the most enticipated feature is a much tighter integration with Lightroom, being able to use it as a plug-in on macOS or Windows. We don't need to install a third-party plugin anymore, the only action needed is to go in the Help menu and select Install Lightroom Plug-in.

To use from Lightroom, you canyou can select one or multiple (finaly!) pictures from the Library panel, and then from the File or Library menu, select Plug-in Extras -> Process Selected RAW(s) to DNG

The other notables features are also welcomed :

  • We now have the possibility to translate the Fujifilm's Film Simulation in Lightroom's Camera Profile, which gives us about the same colors in Lightroom as we would have with JPEGs straight out of the camera.

  • Also, we now have the possibility to traslate Star Ratings from the camera, into Lightroom's stars.

  • Furthermore, X-Transformer can now keep the original file date when converting a RAF to DNG, which Lightroom likes very much.

We can easily see the effect that the conversion has on the pictures, colours are much richer and we have more Dynamic Range.

Zoomed-in at 100%, we clearly see X-Transformer's detail retention :

(On the left, the DNG and the original RAF on the right.)